Welcome to Newton Road Campus, Singapore
The Newton Road campus, established in 1992, has both Assistants to Infancy (18-30 months) and Casa dei Bambini (2 1/2 years - to pre Primary) programmes.
The Assistants to Infancy programme (A to I) offers 18 to 30-month preschoolers, a vibrant, developmental framework. To know more about the A to I programme, and for general information, fees and schedules, please access the information package, found below. We offer four Casa dei Bambini, Montessori environments that are resourceful and conducive for the development of the child with a variety of options for an 'Extended day' at school. Please access the general information about the Casa programme and the 'Extended day' sessions found under 'Information Packages', below. We are located in central Singapore. The Schools is licensed by, and registered with, the Ministry of Education, Singapore.
The school is easily accessible by public transportation and limited parking within the school premises is available.A school bus service is also provided. If you wishto proceed with an online application for registration after you have read the general information that can be found below please use the 'Application for registration' button above. You will be directed to the registration form. Please call us at 6256 3952 or contact us on at +65 9780 0129 for further enquiries and to schedule school visits.

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Information Packages

CASA - Information Package
IC - Information Package
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