Welcome to Montessori for Children
We are a group of private schools, offering Montessori education to young children in Hong Kong, Singapore and Canada.
Our first school was established in 1986 in Hongkong. Our engaging curriculum is presented by qualified, experienced Montessori Teachers and language specialists, who are passionate about educating children.
Montessori For Children exclusively adopts the Montessori Method of education as its core curriculum, observing standards established by the 'Association Montessori Internationale' (AMI). Our purpose is to prepare children, to successfully continue their primary education. Thank you for visiting, and we hope you will find the information that you seek, within our website.
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Our Schools

Hong Kong-Stanley Road

Hong Kong House A, Phoenix Garden RBL 1033 Stanley road,Hong Kong
Tel:(852)2813 9589 Fax:(852)2813 2582 hongkong@montessori.edu.sg

Singapore-Newton Campus

43, Newton Road,
Singapore 307970
Tel: 65 6256 3952 Fax: 65 6250 0872 administrator@montessori.edu.sg

Canada-Toronto ON

Canada (St.Clair) Inc 25 Alvin Avenue, Toronto Ontario, M4T 2A7, Canada
Tel: (416) 927 1958 Fax: (416) 515 8457 toronto@montessori.edu.sg

Singapore-Broadrick Campus

11, Broadrick Road,
Singapore 439476
Tel: 65 6345 0087 Fax: 65 6345 7915 administrator@montessori.edu.sg