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1033, Stanley Road
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Montessori For Children - Singapore Broadrick Campus

The Stanley campus, established in 1986, has both Casa dei Bambini (2 1/2 years - to pre Primary) and Assistants to Infancy (18 - 30 months) programmes.Our engaging curriculum is presented by qualified, experienced Montessori directresses and language specialists, who are passionate about educating children. .

We offer Casa dei Bambini Montessori environments that are resourceful and conducive for the development of the child. We also provide, the option for an 'Extended day' session at school.Please access the website to know more information about our school.

The Assistants to Infancy programme (A to I) offers 18 to 30-month pre-schoolers, a vibrant, developmental framework. To know more about the A to I programme, and for general information, fees and schedules, please access the website .

English is the medium of instruction and Mandarin is offered as a second language in the regular sessions.

We are located in the southern beachfront on Hong Kong island. The school is easily accessible by public transportation, and limited public parking is available, adjacent to the school.

Please call us at (852) 2813 9589 for further enquiries and school visits

Half Day : 8.15 a.m - 11.15 a.m. or 12.30 p.m - 3.30 p.m.

Extended Day programmes: 8.15 a.m. - 3.30 p.m. twice or thrice a week. A child has to be in the morning session to be admitted to this session.
If you have further queries, please feel free to use our enquiry form within these pages to submit them or, read up on our FAQs, which deal with most questions. Links are provided to the left of this text for easy navigation.