Class room
The Montessori environment is a "child size world". By careful selection of Montessori Material, a special environment, is created. The materials and activities in this environment are self-correcting and are designed to stimulate independent exploration on a level that the child can understand. The child can proceed at his own pace from simple activities to more complex ones. Through this process, the child's natural curiosity is satisfied and he/she begins to experience the joy of discovering the world.

The Directress: who is AMI trained assumes the role of the 'go-between' the child and the material. She maintains the environment, including stimulating activities and removing obstacles. She demonstrates the apparatus and encourages the child to experience it, thus allowing that child to teach himself through his own activity. Most of all, the Directress observes each and every child closely and carefully, supports challenges to help overcome his difficulties, redirecting interest when necessary, and enticing with new and more challenging tasks her goal to prepare for primary.

Freedom to develop: A free child is one who has developed his potential and prefers to work out problems for himself, but is capable of asking for, and receiving direction when needed. The concept of 'Freedom' in the classroom is a freedom within limits. A child is allowed to work freely, as long as he does not disturb others. Children having the freedom to follow their interests are generally happy and are busily involved in their work.We believe that the more parents can understand the experiences of their child in the classroom, the better they are able to reinforce the learning at home .How this provides a consistent environment in which to grow and develop.

Mixed Ages: The ages of the Children range from 21/2 to 6+ years. A mixed aged class can truly replicate real society. Young children learn by observing older children. Older children learn to mentor younger children. However, every child is an individual and his/her learning is monitored and a teaching plan is prepared according to the progress of each child.