About us
We are a group of private schools exclusively offering Montessori education to young children in; Hong Kong, Singapore and in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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Our purpose for your children
  • To encourage them to nurture positive and glad feelings about learning.
  • To develop self motivation and concentrate for time periods necessary to choose their own activities and       complete them with care and precision.
  • To become aware, appreciate, respect and care for one's environment, self and others.
  • To be enthusiastic and find pleasure in new and challenging activities.
  • To strive for success and enjoy a sense of accomplishment.
  • To do all this with grace and courtesy.

  • Montessori For Children exclusively adopts the MONTESSORI METHOD of education as the curriculum, observing standards set by the 'Association Montessori Internationale' (AMI).

    Please visit the AMI website via the link provided for more information about this organisation founded by
    Dr. Maria Montessori herself, in 1929.